How The Study Of History Played A Role In Building America

Increasingly we are hearing of education administrators having to make tough budget decisions. First they put physical education on the chopping block. However, with the rise of childhood obesity, this could not have come at a worse moment in American history. Increasingly, history classes are being cut from curriculum's, the justification which is usually, it is not a practical, useful discipline for students. This, to me, is insane. There is no doubt that history, or even better, the studying of history, had a major impact on the founders psyche, not only through the course of their lives, but especially while they were writing and signing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for a "new republic." They were fighting a war for the subjective–abstract–idea of liberty, and history providing them a road map to find it. The writing the Constitution of the United States of America, maybe the best form of government ever put on paper, and it could not have been done without the use of history. It turns out history can help build a future and the founding fathers of the United States used it more than anyone to do just that. We are simply teaching history the wrong way.